Gold and Treasure


I have a huge case of the green monsters lately. For the most part we-as a couple, and as a family-have disengaged from the rat race per se. We’re a one income family, and just can’t afford a lot of societal luxuries. I’m comfortable in our position…until recently. Recently I’ve had three people close to me get new vehicles. I congratulate them and oh and ah with them over their cool new purchase- then I hop in my old SUV dented and scratched on the outside, and listen to the click click the engine makes as I start it. I look at that odometer pushing 150,000 miles and think- gosh it would be nice.
It’s the change of seasons and as I bring the children’s winter clothes out- I shake my head at clothes that are older than they are- wearing thin in the knees, stained, and shabby. Clothes I’ve grown bored of cuz I’ve seen them so much! And I think- it would be nice to pick up a few new things for the kidlets.
I wait in line at Target mentally running and re-running the total of the items in my cart- praying I did my math right and I have the cash in my envelope to cover my purchases. There were many things I had to put back today. Items on a list that seems to grow with each pay check, but never seems to make the final cut because it’s not critical-yet. I watch in front of me as a young mother fills her cart to the brim with little red and white shopping bags, swipes her card on the card reader, signs and walks over to Starbucks before taking her immaculately dressed children to their promised outing of Chik-Fil-a- since they were well mannered. As I sigh to myself-thinking it would be SO nice….
My green monsters creep in. They scream at me- Why? Why can’t YOU get a new car?! That old jalopy makes more noise than my grandpas 1976 Ford truck! Why can’t YOU get some new clothes? You wore that shirt when you were pregnant with your now-six-year-old! Why can’t YOU buy whatever your family needs without giving a second thought to where the money is coming from. Why WHy WHY!?

Because. Because God says: (Romans 10:19). I will make you jealous of those who are not a nation. With a foolish nation I will make you angry.
I may be jealous or angry with the circumstances of those around me, but what really will those treasures on Earth provide them in heaven? Matthew 6:19-20 says: do not lay up your treasure on earth where moth and rust destroy and thieves break in and steal- but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven. Where neither rust nor thieves may reach it.” And finally verse 21- where your treasure is, there is your heart also.
So I will set my iPad down and greet each little sleepy head with snuggles, a smile and a kiss on their fresh bed head. I will hold each piece of my world in my arms and as I bury my head in their hair and immerse my nose in the smell that is distinctly little boy- I will store another piece in my treasure box in heaven. And thank God I know the difference between gold and treasure.


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