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Who’s Guiding Who?

It’s 2 am as we speak, most my community is tucked in their beds…. I am not. My head is spinning a million miles an hour. I have butterflies, I feel sick. I have waves of excitement replaced by those of dread, then full on panic. I had a “bomb” dropped on me this week. The news has sent me into a tail spin. My business partner has decided to step down for the sake of her family. Because of this, I have some pretty big decisions to make myself. Do I proceed onward and upward, or do I forfeit the store front- in favor of working on a smaller scale. I love our little shop! I love the people I meet because of it, I love the chances I have to minister to others through those meetings. And that is what this little shop has been for me- my ministry. But I can’t do this alone. So I am left with this unsettling feeling of just what to do.
So-at two a.m. as I turn to my bible, I end up with this passage- and it’s subsequent devotion:

I will bless the L ord who guides me; even at night my heart instructs me. I know the L ord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for he is right beside me. (Psalms 16:7, 8 NLT)

It is human nature to make our own plans and then ask God to bless them. Instead, we should seek God’s will first. By constantly thinking about the Lord and his way of living, we will gain insights that will help us make right decisions and live the way God desires. Communicating with God allows him to counsel us and give us wisdom.

How do I have the wisdom to discern my plans and God’s plans for me? He is good. He has granted us success with this shop. He has opened doors for me to meet people that would have never come into my life, were it not through the store. But, what about the ministry of motherhood? Because right now, we are DEEPLY lacking in that area. My family’s cracks are growing wider. I am at this point- is my glory to Him in a shop or in my family??
Can I be at peace in a simple life? Do I want to define my worth through my children or through my work because, now is that time.
Now is when I decide the answer, and act accordingly.


The CANS and the CAN’T S

My excerpt today is in 1 Sam 12:24
But be sure to fear the L ord and faithfully serve him. Think of all the wonderful things he has done for you. (1 Samuel 12:24 NLT)

We were visiting with family recently and had a conversation with a family member about the cans and cants in life. They are having a bit of trouble because his wife is so focused on what she CAN’T do rather than what she CAN. The hindering attitude brought forth with her thinking is affecting her health, and their marriage.
I can’t help but think that perhaps the same is with our relationship with God. If we are so focused on what he hasn’t done for us, how can we possibly see what he HAS done. If we remember those things he HAS done for us, big or small- all the sudden that shift makes it easier for us to see each and every blessing as it comes.

How to Be a Good Business Partner

Instruct all the skilled craftsmen whom I have filled with the spirit of wisdom. Have them make garments for Aaron that will distinguish him as a priest set apart for my service. (Exodus 28:3 NLT)

I am feeling a little tread upon this week by my business partner. Especially today. I feel that she has been short with me, and almost irritated. I am trying my best, but I am not as good at some things as she. I don’t go as quickly. That is the fact of the matter. My husband does not want to craft like hers does and it is what it is. I’ve come to see these differences, and instead of pushing Hubs, and keeping score what she and Her hubby are doing vs what we are doing, I’ve come to just realize that we are good at different things.
Today, I need this verse, and this devotional. I try to do it all instead of realize that I have certain talents that are different than my business partner’s. There is NO way we would have the presence we do if it were not for my mad social media skills. And there would be nothing for me to be talking about were it not for her mad painting skills. Therefore, I need to lift her up and support her in her skills. I need to appreciate her for all her hard work and hopefully she appreciates me for all mine. But nonetheless… I need to remember- I am not here for her, I am not here for me. I am purely here to give the Glory to God. He has set me in this place to be a donkey. I will set about my important work of carrying His Holiness on my back, and pray that I am good about meshing into the background so that He is all that others see.

The devotional content is as follows:
The tailors who made Aaron’s garments were given wisdom by God in order to do their task. All of us have special skills. God wants to fill us with his Spirit so we will use those skills for his glory.

Second Chances, and Thirds and Fourths…..

I’m in the process of going through the Life Application Bible Study Plan Devotional. It’s pretty awesome because it’s typically one verse with a short little blurb. Sometimes- that is all I have time for before my elements wake from their slumber to impact my day once more. Sometimes- like today- I was given a little more time. So I read in Acts as well. Once again I am shown the red thread that weaves in and out of the books of the bible and binds them together as the truth that they are. Let me show you–

In Genesis after Cain has finished his unspeakable sin- God comes to him and gives him a chance…..
“Why are you so angry?” the Lord asked Cain. “Why do you look so dejected? You will be accepted if you do what is right. But if you refuse to do what is right, then watch out! Sin is crouching at the door, eager to control you. But you must subdue it and be its master.” (Genesis 4:6, 7 NLT)

In Acts 3:19-20
Peter and John-through Christ Jesus- heal a lame beggar man and the people are amazed. Peter takes it as a teaching opportunity and he says to them: Now repent of your sins and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped away. (Acts 3:19 NLT). There’s more to it- Peter gets a little heated with em and shows them the mistake they made in killing the Son through which this miracle was possible. You should read it. Anyway- it was a good lesson….

I think this was a case of history repeating itself— Peter tells the Jews- y’all sacrificed the Son but it’s not too late for you. If you but admit your wrongdoing and repent of it– the gift is still yours to receive. When I am wrong- can I admit it? Can I be the one to apologize for my trespasses? Will I be able to accept God’s gift for me? Or will I be hard headed? Will I take my “I’m right” attitude to the grave?
The Life Application Devotion Plan devotional content for the Gen 4:6,7 says this: How do you react when someone suggests you have done something wrong? Do you move to correct the mistake or deny that you need to correct it?
So, today, as I look at the parallel’s in these two stories, and I know the outcome of the characters in both, I can certainly say:

I choose to bow my head in shame and admit when I am wrong!!!!

Just Ask

I was in Matthew today-Matt 7:7 to be exact :
“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. (Matthew 7:7 ESV)

Our God is a great, merciful, spoiling Father. Like a King with his children, there is nothing he would deny us…if we but ask. Sometimes I think- well He knows my heart why do I need to ask? But i’ve come to the conclusion the asking is more for me. And this is why:

One needs to be HUMBLE enough to realize they can’t do it on their own, they need to ask for help.
One needs to exercise PATIENCE when relying on someone else to provide for them.
One needs to show FAITH in the person they ask.
One needs to TRUST that the person they ask to help loves them enough to assist.

God WILL answer me once I can exhibit humility, patience, faith and trust in Him and his provision.

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I Had a Dream Last Night…incorporating Joseph’s example into my life…


Long, long have we had a fascination with dream interpretation. Some believe dreams to be a direct revelation by God himself to the dreamer. The cool thing is, unlike many things that require complete and utter faith in the unseen- dreaming still holds stock in our unfaithful world. Whilst God is sometimes a taboo subject with some individuals, dream interpretation can be a gateway to conversation with that same person- it’s up to you on how you sneak some morsels of Godness into your conversation. It’s like those recipes for sneaking healthy stuff into brownies…if your good at it, they’ll ingest it without even knowing the goodness they received.
Case in point:
Just yesterday I stumbled upon a dream interpreter on the radio. He informed me that to have a dream of a sexual nature of someone outside my faithful relationship did NOT mean I was secretly pining for that person. It actually meant that I saw some quality in that person that I wanted to highlight in my own life. What does this have to do with God you say? nothing really, other than it got me thinking about a few dreams I’ve had in the past two years. A while ago I was going through a time of self redefinition. I was a new mom of four, newly moved, with a hubby that traveled. I felt very alone, and very unsatisfied. I was searching. One night I had a dream that I was frantically running through a store gathering supplies for my “work” when I looked down to my supplies, where I expected to find food items I actually found frames. At the time I was dabbling a little in chocolate dipping and expected, I guess, to be purchasing chocolate stuff, but instead ended up with frames. I was surprised because up to that point, my camera was just my hobby. But I went with it. Over the course of the year, I DID end up dipping chocolates which lead me to being discovered by a boutique owner that wanted to carry my chocolates in her shop. As I met her, I saw a much deeper need for something I KNEW how to do…marketing, blogging, and photographing. We began our unlikely pair up. What ended up happening the more I was behind the camera, and in front of the computer was– I found that I loved what I was doing. I gained confidence in my arena, and began taking on photo sessions for others. She began referring colleagues to me for social media marketing, and product photography. Another year passed by, and a day didn’t go by that I wasn’t approached about either my photography or my social media business. I was thriving. Then I met with the shop owner. Over the past eighteen or so months, we had become quite close- what had started out as a business relationship became a friendship. She confided in me her dreams for the future of the shop and she and I agreed that it would be a great move to team up as partners with the changes of the store. And that my dears as how I became a boutique owner. What has become of my social media and photography you ask? I have completely removed my social media business from all avenues of promotion. My photography is a different story. As of late, I am trying to juggle the two. As I have longed for simplification in my life, this has become the subject of many a prayer. Then God spoke to me…again…in a dream.


Last night I had a dream…I had gone as far as to have a studio, it was close to rent time, I was busy at the shop, and had a session at the studio. I was running late and fresh out of new ideas. I was stressed because rent was riding on this shoot and I had nothing. When I got there, my studio was nothing but a big warehouse… Devoid of any photo props, coziness, or anything else that might indicate the warmth or professionalism of the photographer I hope to portray. That was all. End of dream.
There is the literal conclusion I can draw- your pictures have run their course, concentrate on the shop. BUT there is always the non-literal translation. As with the sex dream translation and the frame dream translation, neither dream was what it seemed. So this then could mean something very different from what may first appear to be.
Remember when Joseph first interpreted the dreams for the baker and the cupbearer….I would have never guessed that the birds eating bread from the basket on the dudes head would mean in three days time they would all but be making snack out of his brains. But hey… Joe was right. He then interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams and we all know those were words from God because here Joseph sits for all to read, In the middle of Genesis. So Joseph- what does MY dream mean? Right now- to me- its unclear. What I do know is this: vs 39 says- since God has shown you all this, there is none so discerning as you…
41: I have set you over the land…in my case my land or my life consists of not a whole people, but my people…my family- those that rely on me. If I remember to give God his glory and remain a humble servant like Mr. Coat of Many Colors- I can rest in the fact that as time continues, my dreams meaning will present itself loud and clear.


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Gold and Treasure


I have a huge case of the green monsters lately. For the most part we-as a couple, and as a family-have disengaged from the rat race per se. We’re a one income family, and just can’t afford a lot of societal luxuries. I’m comfortable in our position…until recently. Recently I’ve had three people close to me get new vehicles. I congratulate them and oh and ah with them over their cool new purchase- then I hop in my old SUV dented and scratched on the outside, and listen to the click click the engine makes as I start it. I look at that odometer pushing 150,000 miles and think- gosh it would be nice.
It’s the change of seasons and as I bring the children’s winter clothes out- I shake my head at clothes that are older than they are- wearing thin in the knees, stained, and shabby. Clothes I’ve grown bored of cuz I’ve seen them so much! And I think- it would be nice to pick up a few new things for the kidlets.
I wait in line at Target mentally running and re-running the total of the items in my cart- praying I did my math right and I have the cash in my envelope to cover my purchases. There were many things I had to put back today. Items on a list that seems to grow with each pay check, but never seems to make the final cut because it’s not critical-yet. I watch in front of me as a young mother fills her cart to the brim with little red and white shopping bags, swipes her card on the card reader, signs and walks over to Starbucks before taking her immaculately dressed children to their promised outing of Chik-Fil-a- since they were well mannered. As I sigh to myself-thinking it would be SO nice….
My green monsters creep in. They scream at me- Why? Why can’t YOU get a new car?! That old jalopy makes more noise than my grandpas 1976 Ford truck! Why can’t YOU get some new clothes? You wore that shirt when you were pregnant with your now-six-year-old! Why can’t YOU buy whatever your family needs without giving a second thought to where the money is coming from. Why WHy WHY!?

Because. Because God says: (Romans 10:19). I will make you jealous of those who are not a nation. With a foolish nation I will make you angry.
I may be jealous or angry with the circumstances of those around me, but what really will those treasures on Earth provide them in heaven? Matthew 6:19-20 says: do not lay up your treasure on earth where moth and rust destroy and thieves break in and steal- but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven. Where neither rust nor thieves may reach it.” And finally verse 21- where your treasure is, there is your heart also.
So I will set my iPad down and greet each little sleepy head with snuggles, a smile and a kiss on their fresh bed head. I will hold each piece of my world in my arms and as I bury my head in their hair and immerse my nose in the smell that is distinctly little boy- I will store another piece in my treasure box in heaven. And thank God I know the difference between gold and treasure.


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